Best Muscle Build Supplement: BlackCore Edge Review

BlackCore EdgeIt is everyone’s wish to be physically fit and strong so that you can be able to execute different tasks that require the use of more energy. Going to the gym to do workout is one of the surest ways of keeping your body in great shape.

In order to ensure that your performance during a workout session reaches the optimum levels, you might need more than just strength and determination. Supplement might be the exact thing that you need to stir up your gym performance.

As long as they are used properly and the user continues doing exercises, supplements can deliver more than excellent workout performance which in the long run will help you reach your bigger targets. One of the supplements that you are likely to have an encounter with is BlackCore edge pre workout supplement.


Being classified as a replenishing nutrient would mean that you don’t have to take this supplement before a workout session or after you are done with the exercises. It is advisable that you take it before you go to sleep and even in the days when you are not going to do lots of exercises.

Ripped-Muscle-X-4This is because the effects of this supplement are not immediate but instead they start working on a person after a continuous use.

Before you start using BlackCore edge , it is also advisable that you go to a health expert or a qualified nutritionist who will give advice you the most effective and safest ways of using the supplement.

The nutritionist will conduct a number of tests on you so as to find out whether you are capable of taking the supplement or give you the appropriate dosage that you should take.

A blood test will be conducted on you so as to find out the concentration of major minerals such as zinc, vitain B6 and magnesium in the body. You can consume BlackCore edge with milk though it will take a little longer for it to be absorbed into the blood.

However you will be able to enjoy it more when you consume it using this method. The best way to consume it is by using water especially if the interval between the time you consume it and the time yo do workout is shorter. It will be absorbed faster when water is used.



The supplement contans a number of ingredients which speed up the rate at which muscles grow and at the same time reduce body fat index. The ingredients are also responsible for giving the muscles more energy and endurance. Here are the ingredients that are contained in this supplement.

• Silymarin

• Amino acids

• Creatine

• Tongkat ali

• Saw palmetto

• Horney goat weed.

• Boron

• Sarsaparilla


1. Makes one to gain muscle strength.

2. Speeds up the development of muscle tissue.

3. Helps in the recovery of the muscles after a workout session.

4. Speeds up the process of protein metabolism.

5. Increases the production of testosterone.

Currently, no side-effects of the supplement have been recorded but it is advisable that you first seek a medical recommendation before using it.





ripped muscle x

Ripped Muscle X is one of the best muscle build supplement in the men’s health market. The basic idea is that it will increase the body’s metabolism in order to raise energy levels and lower the level of body fat.

It is not a new concept but does claim to be an improved formula that will help provide the user with a much lower BMI and a more muscularly defined body. The implication is that with the use of the supplement there will be more energy to go to the gym to work out more, lose the body mass and improve the muscle tone.

get-started-nowThe Ingredients

The website states that the formula has been developed over a long period of time and it is based on a substance called creatine. Creatine is a naturally occurring acid that is found in the body. Within a serving of 1500mg of the capsules, there is 120mg of magnesium.

The recommended daily dosage of the supplement is not stated. There are no fillers, excipients or substances. It is entirely made from natural ingredients. There are no carbohydrates, sugars or calories in the substance according to the home website.

Magnesium is an element that assists in keeping blood pressure at a normal level, is good for keeping healthy bones and helps the heart stay in a steady rhythm. It is an essential mineral for the body to stay healthy. Magnesium supplements are medically recommended to patients who diseases or disorders that can be caused by magnesium deficiency including Crohn’s disease, diabetes and cancer.

It has many benefits and a normal healthy body will contain about 25g of magnesium at any one time. The recommended dietary allowance for a healthy male aged 31-50 is 420mg per day which would include supplements.



The website claims that the product will offer body lean muscle, improve endurance and maximise muscle gain. It does not give instructions on dosage but creatine is a substance that is regularly taken by athletes as a natural supplement and is already in our body in the form of an acid. Creating additional energy in your body will mean extra visits to the gym to build muscle definition and tone.

Side Effects

According to the European Food Safety Authority an intake of 3g per day of pure creatine is without risk. Research suggest that higher amounts have also resulted in no side effects. If the ingredients are purely creatine then there should be no side effects with normal dosage.